Selling your property in Barcelona, Sitges on The Costa Brava or The Costa Daurada
Selling my property in Barcelona, Sitges, Costa Brava and Daurada

What We Do

If you own a flat, house or villa in Barcelona, Sitges, on the Costa Brava or the Costa Daurada, Dupont Estate will assist you in selling your property in the quickest and most streamlined manner possible.

Our sole activity is the sale of properties. Unlike other estate agents, we don’t rent or manage any, thus enabling us to devote all our time, energy and resources to selling yours without any conflicts of interest.

Many people regard a boutique estate agent as one that only caters for high-end customers. In fact, these firms are extremely specialised businesses with a culture focusing on success and customer service.

As a customer of Dupont Estate, you can expect above-average representation during any transaction, from a flat in Barcelona to a luxury home in Sitges and anything in between. You can rest assured in the knowledge that we’ll strive to assist you in completing an honest and proficient transaction.

We’ll supervise your transaction from beginning to end. No paperwork or important information will be forgotten in the process, so you can be sure that you’ll be well-represented throughout the entire process.

Dupont Estate is able to manage any property operation in Barcelona, Sitges, on the Costa Brava or the Costa Daurada and always seeks to meet the seller’s requirements.

Start selling your property today

Allow us to show you how Dupont Estate can do a better job and provide you with an impeccable service. Contact us with no commitment in the event of any queries or if you require further information.

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