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Estate Agent in Barcelona, Sitges, Costa Brava and Daurada

At Dupont Estate we nurture three fundamental elements to sell your property: the people who form part of our team, the technology we use in our everyday work and the attitude that governs our actions.

Boutique estate agent Barcelona, Sitges, Costa Brava and Daurada

About us

Dupont Estate is a boutique estate agent standing one tier above its competitors that provides highly personalised property services to demanding owners.

Selling my property in Barcelona, Sitges, Costa Brava and Daurada

What we do

If you own a flat, house or villa in Barcelona, Sitges, on the Costa Brava or the Costa Daurada, Dupont Estate will assist you in selling your property in the quickest and most streamlined manner possible.

Cómo vender mi casa o piso en Barcelona, Sitges o Costa Dorada

How we do it

In order to guarantee the sale of your property, we manage the sale of a maximum of three at a time and implement a meticulous method. You’ll find a summary of how we sell properties here.

Why choosing a boutique estate agent

Why us

You’re thinking of selling your property and with this there comes a choice: do you list it with the biggest estate agent or do you opt for a boutique one? Find out why using our boutique estate agent is the right choice.

Start selling your property today

Allow us to show you how Dupont Estate can do a better job and provide you with an impeccable service. Contact us with no commitment in the event of any queries or if you require further information.

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