A meticulous method to secure the sale of your property
Cómo vender mi casa o piso en Barcelona, Sitges o Costa Dorada

How We Do It

Besides managing the sale of a maximum of three properties at a time so that we can focus all our efforts on YOUR property, we implement a meticulous method that has been proven to offer an above-the-rest service and secure a rapid and streamlined transaction.

How to sell my property in Barcelona, Sitges, Costa Brava and Daurada

Here is a summary of how we sell properties in Barcelona, Sitges, on the Costa Brava and the Costa Daurada:

1. Optimal valuation

We help you to estimate the ideal published sale price of your property. An accurate valuation of your home enabling us to plan a price strategy is the first key factor for optimising your time and the final sale price.

2. Home Staging

We give you home staging tips so as to enhance your property for the photo report, virtual tour and visits.

3. Photo report and virtual tour

A professional photographer prepares a suitable photo report and virtual tour of your property for publication on property websites. The quality of the photo report and the virtual tour is extremely important when it comes to showcasing your property at its best.

4. Floor plan

If you don’t have one, we’ll prepare a floor plan of your property. Many buyers ask for one.

5. Multilingual top-rate description

We take the time to write a top-rate description of your property in Spanish, English and French to convey its benefits to potential buyers. If your property and its location are specifically geared towards other markets, we can translate the description into other languages (German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, etc.).

6. Publication on more than 100 property websites

We create and publish your property ad on more than 100 local and international property websites to ensure that whoever seeks a property like yours will find it. We work with you to make sure that the advert for your property is as attractive as possible for buyers.

7. Private network

We send your property ad to our private network (prospect databases, personal shoppers, foreign agencies, etc.).

8. Immediate attention

We answer all requests for information about prospects, often immediately and always within 24 hours. The expression “our sales agent will call you back” doesn’t form part of our culture, because we don’t want you to miss out on any opportunity.

9. Convincing visits

We coordinate the schedule and show your property to potential buyers. Most buyers visit dozens of properties and it usually comes down to choosing between two of them. Showing them a property in the right way will make it the one they choose.

10. Negotiation

We offer you advice throughout the negotiation process so that you get the best deal.

11. Buyer assistance

We assist the buyer in completing the procedures required to purchase your property, particularly if he or she is a non-resident (obtaining a NIE – Foreigner’s Identification Number – , getting a Golden Visa, opening a bank account, taking out a mortgage, etc.).

12. Documents

We guide and assist you in obtaining all the documents required to sell your property, including:

  • Property/Land Registration Certificate
  • Occupancy Certificate, also known as the Habitation Certificate
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Most recent minutes of the residents’ association meetings
  • Property tax, paid for the entire year
  • Mortgage cancellation deed or mortgage balance
  • Original property deed
13. Preliminary sale agreement

We draft the preliminary sale agreement. If the buyer so requires, we’ll translate it into his or her mother tongue. We’ll tell you how and when to sign the preliminary sale agreement to secure the transaction.

14. Deed of sale preparation

We collect and coordinate all the information and documents that the notary requires to draw up the deed of sale.

We coordinate the schedules of all the parties (buyer, seller, notary) to set the day and time for signing the notarial deed of sale.

15. Signing of deed of sale

We accompany you to the notary’s office on the day the deed is to be signed. We make sure that no document is missing so that the notary can authorise the signature.

16. Follow-up

After congratulating you, we remain by your side until the transaction and the correspondence with the buyer are fully completed.

Dupont Estate provides you with the attention you need during the entire transaction process. We’re there to answer all your questions and make you feel that your property means more to us than an address on an MLS listing. We’re here to help!

Start selling your property today

Allow us to show you how Dupont Estate can do a better job and provide you with an impeccable service. Contact us with no commitment in the event of any queries or if you require further information.

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